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Our Story

When we work for a company we love, it doesn’t feel like work it feels… great, you wake up looking forward to your day. When the people you work with hold common goals and values great things can happen. This was the environment the founders of Blue Cube were born from…     

The Past

Founded in 2003 by Mel Phaure, Neil Fraser and Kenny Stirling. All three having worked together for an independently owned TMC, Neil with the company for fourteen years, Mel ten years and Kenny seven years.  Sadly, the owner became seriously ill and was unable to continue working.  The company was placed in the hands of the trustees and the ethos changed, the unique atmosphere by which the company previously flourished was lost.  The company was sold, swallowed up by a much larger travel company and at this point the idea of Blue Cube was born.

Our Name

Mel, Neil and Kenny had discussed numerous names over far too many glasses of wine and looking at the list they had drawn up the following morning none were ever suitable.  They wanted a name that wasn’t travel related but wanted to create a brand a concept.  One of them came up with the idea of “a world without Blue” picturing the earth without blue and how different it would look.  That was it, with 3 directors representing the 3 dimensions of the business Blue Cube the name was born.  The concept was then published in our first brochure which can be seen below 

Blue Cube 2003 Brochure 

The Begining

In 2003 there was just the three of them and having re-mortgaged their homes to start the business they rented their first office, a basement just off the North End Road near Hammersmith. It was compact, dark and dingy.  Mel and Kenny shared the office, but Neil had to sit in the hallway.  Yes, it was that small!  Sitting in the hallway wasn’t ideal, but it gave Neil the opportunity of regularly meeting with the staff from the offices above due to his desk being glamorously positioned just outside of the Lavatories.  So with the fear of potentially losing their homes and only a handful of clients producing a turnover in the first year of just £500k, they embarked on their journey to build a TMC with a service like no other.


Because people are at the heart of our business when one of our key people Felix decided that he wanted to go back to Ghana.  Mel, Neil and Kenny came up with the idea of opening a West African office.  Not only did this mean they would keep a valued member of the Blue Cube family but they would be able to better service existing and future clients with competitive pricing through our African IATA license.

Present Day

15 years on having built a successful business on providing the best travel management service available and with our focus still on people and great working environments, we have over 35 staff across 4 offices.  Opened our new head office in 2018, a 5,000 sq. ft. riverside property by Kew Bridge.  Floor to ceiling windows providing a hi-tech, light, bright, environmentally friendly and spacious working environment for employees and clients to enjoy.   We even have a pool table and fully stocked bar available for those Friday afternoons when a client comes to visit. 

By focusing on what matters to our employees and clients alike we now have over 50 active clients ranging from high net worth individuals to FTSE 100 listed companies crossing many industry types (i.e. Oil and Gas, Management Consultancy, commodity brokers, Insurance, Investments, technology, PR etc.). 

We build lifelong relationships with clients, relationships that matter, that mean something, because our focus is on the people you care about and service you deserve.

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