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Our people are who make us Blue Cube

We have nurtured our initial team and over the years complimented them with experts from across the industry to ensure that Blue Cube constantly adapts, evolves and remains a leader in service innovation. In 2016 we launched our apprenticeship and work placement programmes to encourage younger viewpoints and imagination into our industry. We are pleased to say that nearly all remain with us today and our team is full of genuinely fantastic people with an energy and spirit to rival our larger competitors.

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Mel Phaure

Mel, our original female exec is our rock, it is her values that run through our organisation. Ever approachable, open and up for a laugh. You can always count on Mel to give you sound, selfless advice. Enjoys reading out your old CV in front of the whole office. Remember when you thought that PADI course made you look adventurous?

Kenny Stirling

Kenny is one of our co-founders and our font of all knowledge. Scratch that, what this man doesn't know about flight bookings simply isn't worth knowing. Always on hand for advice, a laugh, drinks and cuddles (when needed). A contagious passion for the industry and Blue Cube helps motivate and lift everyone.

Bex Deadman
Managing Director

Passion and energy are guaranteed with whatever Bex puts her mind to, and Bex loves putting her mind to a lot! Very driven and currently making (tidal) waves in the industry frequently speaking on panels and at conferences. Not afraid to challenge traditions, Bex is driving Blue Cube to new heights.

Paul King
Sales Director

Paul, our head of sales has a refreshingly honest and genuine approach both to life and selling what we do at Blue Cube. If Paul promises we can do something, we will always be able to deliver. A very trustworthy member of the team who you can always count on to help and guide you in the right direction. Often commutes from Eastbourne to Blue Cube HQ in West London. Mad man.

Ethan Field
Trainee Client and Supplier Manager

Most definitely knows his Air Force 1s from his Air Max 90s, Ethan has a different pair of trainers for every day of the year. Transferring from reservations to account management in early 2018, Ethan has proved a hit with our clients and constantly goes above and beyond to keep our clients happy.

Hugo Jarvis
Client and Supplier Manager

Hugo Jarvis, affectionately known as “Hugs” is a well-loved character by staff and clients. If he’s not in central London trying out new, quirky and overpriced restaurants you will find him in the pub with a beer in each hand watching his beloved Ipswich Town F.C. deteriorate season by season. Hugs is not only Blue Cube’s Rising Star but The People Awards Rising Star 2019.

Nikki Stewart
Head of Online Support and Implementation

Our implementation guru; what Nikki doesn’t know about bookings tools isn’t worth knowing. Enough paper on her desk to make rainforest conservationists weep. Always reliable and super helpful.

Tracey Wilson
Operations Director

The mother hen of the office, Tracey has been at Blue Cube since the very beginning and still manages to make everyone laugh every day. Very well respected in the industry and by her colleagues alike, Tracey picked up the operations manager of the year at the 2019 People’s Travel Business Awards and we think it’s most definitely deserved!

Jayne Burchett-Vass
Operations and Account Manager

The better half of Blue Cube’s power couple, Jayne lives and breathes football. From coaching her kids’ team on a Sunday to ardently following Liverpool on a Saturday…just don’t take the mickey on a Monday if Liverpool lose. Jayne oversees our implant office in Central London and is invaluable to the team.

Nick Hart
Operations Team Leader

The office feeder and all-round food connoisseur, Nick is also encyclopaedia of London restaurant knowledge. Also doubling up as the office prankster, if something has gone missing from your desk…check Nick’s. Pranks aside Nick is extremely good at what he does and knowledgeable about travel regularly receiving glowing client testimonials.

Felix Attua-Afari
Director, Blue Cube Ghana

Felix, our uber-cool; completely unflappable owner director of Blue Cube Ghana, takes the day to day running of the operation very seriously as well as his passion for travel in and out of his beloved region, but get him on the dance floor you see a whole new side, roll on the next BC Xmas party

Valentin Kostadinov
Senior Business Travel Consultant

You will almost definitely hear him before you see him, Valentin keeps the morale high in the office with hugs on tap and a very empathetic demeanour. With his classic catchphrase “Can I speak to the manager please?” Valentin will always go the extra mile for our clients and our clients recognise that.

Stuart Doig
Senior Business Travel Consultant

Stuart has the biggest…beard at Blue Cube. Praised for his constant level of happiness and cheerfulness, loud head banging music and ‘posh’ beer will make our happy person even happier. Full of fun and nonsense but tremendously hard working and although new, is now part of the furniture at Blue Cube.

Rachelle Connor
Senior Business Travel Consultant

The creator of the annual Christmas hot sauce challenge which has left people in tears, Rachelle not only enjoys seeing her colleagues in pain but often leaves them in tears of laughter as well with her dry sense of humour. Rachelle is a great asset to the team and is very popular at Blue Cube.

Michelle McGarrell
Groups Co-Ordinator

If it’s groups, meetings and events you are after, Michelle is the Gal you need to talk to! Not only is she great at what she does at Blue Cube she is a tea making extraordinaire… only ever looking up from her emails when the lure of the kettle calls! A voice of reason with a teacup.

Lucy Noon
Trainee Business Travel Consultant

The gym calls to our lovely Lucy every day! Work hard, play hard, laugh hard is her mantra. If you need a smile look across and you will be guaranteed one. Lucy really has adopted what it means to be part of this Blue Cube team!

Lucie North
Senior Business Travel Consultant

Hailing from Essex, do not let the blonde stereotype fool you, Lucie is as much brains as she is beauty. Working with Jayne and Debbie in our office in Central London, Lucie raises the bar of what our travellers expect from us, working diligently and efficiently to achieve great results all the time.

Imran Dosani
Senior Business Travel and Groups Consultant

Imran, or Immy as he is more commonly known works ferociously hard to keep up with the demand of his clients. Moving to South Africa in 2018, Immy impressively keeps his clients happy from over 8000 miles away. Captain Clumsy, Immy once had concussion when a tin of beans fell on his head from an open cupboard but we wouldn’t want him any other way.

Holly Campbell
Business Travel Consultant

She may be quiet but not when the spice girls come on the radio! Gaming and music will always win Holly’s heart. Holly is the most the polite person you will ever encounter. She is young, knowledgeable and lovely person to be around. A truly valued member of the team.

Harry Appiah
Senior Business Travel Consultant

Harry is the engine of our operations. Dabbling between travel consultancy and finance, Harry takes both disciplines in his stride. His calming influence and local knowledge and connections come in very handy. Our clients (and birds of prey too!) love him for his peaceful demeanour. Harry also loves a good laugh and is a great and dedicated family man.

Graham Riddick
Solutions Manager

One half of Blue Cube’s power couple, Graham makes the most difficult of tasks seem effortlessly easy and nothing is ever too much trouble. Always willing to help in any situation. Big Watford fan…someone’s got to support them!

George Owusu
Business Travel Consultant

George is a very calm with a serious personality who also loves a good laugh. He’s our multi-GDS expert, an essential part of our set up in Ghana. George takes is responsibilities seriously and amazes us with his skills in navigating the systems, this and his quiet precision makes George an invaluable member of our team.

Fezlat M’Houmadi
Junior Travel Consultant

Fez is very popular and not just because her fluent French helps everyone out when we are struggling with suppliers in France, but she is also a friendly and kind-hearted member of the team. When the summer rolls round you can find Fez at a different music festival every weekend!

Emi Blini
Junior Business Travel Consultant

One of Blue Cube’s newest apprentices, Emi has got a real drive to deliver the goods consistently for our clients. Emi does not shy away from responsibility and is very reliable. Blue Cube’s very own Albert Square ace, Emi has probably watched every episode of EastEnders ever aired.

Debbie Barrett
Business Travel Consultant

Debbie, originally from Glasgow moved down to work in our London office a few years ago and brings with her and has retained all the charm and confidence of a Glaswegian. An energetic, bubbly member of the team, Debbie’s warm approach to people and professional approach to work never goes unnoticed.

David Selby
Passport and Visa Courier

David has been with us since 2005. This man is potentially the most connected man in London and he whizzes around the consulates to organise our clients visa's. And another thing about Dave, we've never seen him not smile.

David Rickard
Senior Business Travel Consultant

The Essex Mo Farah. When Dave isn’t booking travel for our clients, you can find him running around London setting times that will make you feel extremely unfit. Our clients love Dave both for his lightning quick sense of humour and attention to detail.

Alice Pinto
Senior Business Travel Consultant

Our resident South African, Alice recently joined the team, but you wouldn’t know it. She gets on extremely well with everyone and is a very calming influence in the office. Rumour has it, Alice has never eaten a meal without avocado in.

Alaina Mackie
Special Services

Blue Cube’s very proud Kiwi; when Alaina isn’t looking for new ways to save the planet (and her colleagues), you can expect to find her buffing up on film knowledge or trying out one of Glasgow’s many delicious restaurants. Alaina delivers a Michelin star service every day and our clients love her for it.

Graham Roy
Solutions Manager

Graham has very recently become a father again; what he lacks in sleep he makes up for in knowledge and enthusiasm. Graham has become best friends with the coffee machine but it seems to be working…he leaves no stone unturned when finding a potential new process for us or our clients.

Alpa Patel
Data Analyst

Our Microsoft Excel expert. Probably puts her weekly shop into a spreadsheet with pivot tables detailing the amount of fruit and veg she needs. Watching Alpa dissect a spreadsheet is like a work of art and her skills are simply indispensable.

Kevin Trill
Director of Technology and Transformation

With a plaid shirt, 1-inch turn ups and leather Chelsea boots, if you assumed Kevin was Head of IT you would be 100% correct. Scarily knowledgeable on all things computer-y, data-y and everything in between. Since Kevin has been at Blue Cube we have undergone huge internal changes in our IT systems making everyone’s working day that bit less stressful.

Tutak Przemyslaw
I.T. Apprentice

Why do we call Przemyslaw Tutak by his surname and not his first name? We’ll let you work that one out. Making sure our IT systems are always running efficiently, Tutak has the ability to look at a problem, digest it in seconds and fix it even quicker. Relatively new to Blue Cube, Tutak is a popular member of the team and is the go-to man for any technical problems.

Nayan Patel
Financial Director

Who said heads of finance teams need to be boring? Nayan is the life and soul of the party and will always be the last one to leave. A keen sportsman whether that be American Football, Cricket or Cycling, Nayan is a fountain of pub quiz sports round knowledge. Keeps his team in check and has the finance department running like a well-oiled machine.

Billie Sugar
Financial Administrator

Always seemingly on holiday…Mauritius, Cayman Islands and Miami are just the usual haunts for Billie. Billie is our billback expert and wasn’t just hired so we can call her Billie Billback, when you ask Billie to do something you know it’s going to get done! A very valued member of the Blue Cube team.

Jade Reid
Financial Administrator

Jade is not only the nicest person at Blue Cube, she’s probably the nicest person you’re likely to meet. With the client’s best intentions always at heart, Jade consistently ensures that our traveller’s hotel stays go as smoothly as planned. Will often ask very random questions such as… “What is your second favourite animal?” …Who cares? Jade does.

Petrit Kosova
Financial Administrator

With a master’s degree from UCL and a very strong beard, Pet brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas to Blue Cube. Pet also makes all his lunches the night before without fail… if he could bottle up and sell that degree of organisation, he’d be very rich. Pet gets on with everyone and is a credit to the team.

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