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We’ve attracted seasoned travel management professionals with expertise from across the industry to ensure Blue Cube constantly adapts, evolves, and remains a pioneering leader in service innovation. Our apprenticeship programme has also brought younger employees into the wider Blue Cube team, bringing diversity, fresh perspectives, and imagination into our industry. So, you can call on Blue Cube knowing its full of energetic, creative, and service-oriented people with an energy and spirit that rivals any of our competitors.

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Mel Phaure

Mel, our original female exec is our rock, it is her values that run through our organisation. Ever approachable, open and up for a laugh. You can always count on Mel to give you sound, selfless advice. Enjoys reading out your old CV in front of the whole office. Remember when you thought that PADI course made you look adventurous?

Kenny Stirling

Kenny is one of our co-founders and our font of all knowledge. Scratch that, what this man doesn't know about flight bookings simply isn't worth knowing. Always on hand for advice, a laugh, drinks and cuddles (when needed). A contagious passion for the industry and Blue Cube helps motivate and lift everyone.

Tracey Wilson
Operations Director

The mother hen of the office, Tracey has been at Blue Cube since the very beginning and still manages to make everyone laugh every day. Very well respected in the industry and by her colleagues alike, Tracey picked up the operations manager of the year at the 2019 People’s Travel Business Awards and we think it’s most definitely deserved!

Kevin Trill
Director of Technology and Transformation

With a plaid shirt, 1-inch turn ups and leather Chelsea boots, if you assumed Kevin was Head of IT you would be 100% correct. Scarily knowledgeable on all things computer-y, data-y and everything in between. Since Kevin has been at Blue Cube we have undergone huge internal changes in our IT systems making everyone’s working day that bit less stressful.

Nayan Patel
Financial Director

Who said heads of finance teams need to be boring? Nayan is the life and soul of the party and will always be the last one to leave. A keen sportsman whether that be American Football, Cricket or Cycling, Nayan is a fountain of pub quiz sports round knowledge. Keeps his team in check and has the finance department running like a well-oiled machine.

Nick Pratt
Head of Sales

Nick’s our ultra-experienced Sales guy. He always goes the extra mile to truly understand the needs of our prospective clients’ and then tailor solutions that fit the bill. In true Blue Cube style, integrity and openness governs everything he does.

Sumit Gupta
Head of Client and Supplier Management

Sumit is pretty much a travel industry veteran with invaluable experience across sales, operations, and technology here in the UK as well as in India. Clients rely on him to help shape and drive their travel programme in a methodical and carefully planned way, but they also love him for being a really nice guy. And outside of his day job, Sumit is fast becoming a cooking maestro!

Felix Attua-Afari
Director, Blue Cube Ghana

Felix, our uber-cool; completely unflappable owner director of Blue Cube Ghana, takes the day to day running of the operation very seriously as well as his passion for travel in and out of his beloved region, but get him on the dance floor you see a whole new side, roll on the next BC Xmas party

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