Beyond Booking

We believe travel management today means looking past the actual booking transaction.

Duty of care is more than a legal obligation, it’s caring about our Traveller customers’ and our team’s physical and mental wellbeing, and caring about our environment, locally and globally.

The triangle of trust

Part of our role is to be an ambassador for you to the rest of the travel industry, building a ‘triangle of trust’ with suppliers, that is focussed on what you need from the whole travel supply chain. We try to use those relationships to embrace and drive change in the industry going forward.

We successfully use those relationships to drive change to the industry going forwards.

What is our duty of care? It’s more than a legal obligation. It’s caring for our travellers, customers and our team’s physical and mental wellbeing; and caring about our environment, locally & globally.

Bex Deadman – Managing Director

Beyond Booking

Most of all, we are honest and plain-speaking, friendly and human. As the options for buying travel and the rules around it get more and more complicated, we want to demystify our jargon-littered industry, by talking in language that makes sense to our customers.

We are uniquely positioned to help our clients across their organisations with the analysis that we produce from traveller data. We engage with our clients across risk, procurement, finance, HR and offer insight that helps to transform budgets and to raise awareness of an organisations policies, CSR and traveller wellbeing.

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