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Global Secure Accreditation (GSA) Statement

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Health Security

We welcome the re-opening of our accommodation supplier partners across the globe and wish them every success in preparing for life in hospitality post-Covid 19.

We understand that many accommodation providers are working tirelessly to ensure their properties are regularly cleaned and conforming to the highest of standards. Many properties or franchises are creating their own sets of standards, some regulated others not and for us this is the concern. How do travellers know what is good, what is official and what to trust?

At Blue Cube, whilst we believe in all of the good work that is being done, we are asking our hotel and apartment partners to work towards the new accreditation standard “Health Security” created by Global Secure Accreditation (GSA), in reaction to Covid-19. It is backed by Medical professionals, is certified independently and is aiming to create a recognised global standard in hygiene and traveller health and safety. We believe that working to a recognised independent standard will help to restore faith in our devastated industry and help travellers and corporates make choices based on their own well-being and meet their duty of care responsibilities.

Dr. Simon Worrell, Global Medical Director for the Collinson Group, which specialises in delivering solutions that ensure the safety and wellbeing of travellers, welcomes this initiative:

“The approach that has been taken and the level of detail described in GSA’s good practice document, is excellent. I’m particularly impressed with the depth of technical research and the practical application of that knowledge to the hotel sector. The standards cover all areas of the hotel’s operation and provide reassurance to staff and guests that a hotel has taken a thorough and comprehensive approach to ensuring safety from Covid-19. “

Personal Security

We are also conscious that during this Pandemic full focus is being given (and rightly so) on post-Covid precautions. However, it is also important to us that hotel security and safety is not overlooked. Prior to the shut-down of properties around the world Blue Cube had been introducing their
partner properties to GSA to discuss their hotel security standard. Hotels by their very nature are places that welcome people. After a number of high profile security incidents in hotels, such as the bombings in Sousse, Tunisia and the serious assault at the Cumberland in London, a group of senior ex Met Police officers made a decision to do something about security at hotels and created an independent standard in partnership with SFJ Awards, a UK Government approved international qualifications, standards and awards body for hotels to take part in that prepare them for how to react in a variety of security situations.

The threat of crime or terrorism were very real for hotels prior to the Pandemic, however with a global economic down-turn, the threat of global recession, mass redundancies across many corporations it is likely that crime rates will increase in the coming months, the security and health of our travellers is as important to us as it ever has been, but now we are asking our partners to partner with GSA and work with us to raise the bar of health and security when staying away from home. “Aside for the RFP process, we use our accreditation for Groups blocks and M&E bookings, it’s essentially a KPI that sets us apart from our competitor hotels.” Kelly O’Neill, Director of Sales, Strand Palace Hotel

“We cannot emphasise enough how important the benchmark and independent accreditation that GSA is setting. The hospitality industry is desperately in need of a set of standards that work across all regions and deals with health, safety and security directly for our travellers and suppliers staff. We stand fully behind the GSA standards and are actively asking our hotel partners to become independently accredited to provide our clients with the additional assurance that their employees’ health and safety whilst travelling, is being held to a recognised standard”

Bex Deadman, Managing Director – Blue Cube Travel.

To find out more about the work of GSA and how to become accredited, please click here.

  • 21 August 2020

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