We believe that a good travel management company should be one of your most valued partners, whichever sector you are involved in. However, we understand that it sometimes helps you to understand how we work and how we can help organizations like yours. Our clients include but are not limited to, the sectors listed below.



As an architect working in industries around the world, Blue Cube Travel understand your niche business travel needs. Producing and advanced buildings in international communities requires knowledge of unusual destinations.

How we help Architecture companies



From airline maintenance and repair to aircraft interiors, our travel management experience spans the full breadth of the aviation industry.

How we help Aviation companies


Consultancy & Professional Services

IT to legal, marketing to investment, our consultancy clients work with businesses and brands across sectors throughout the world.

How we help Consultancy & Professional Services


Energy - Oil & Gas

Corporate travel in the energy sector has never been more important. business travel logistics in energy, oil and gas countries differ in political and social landscapes.

How we help Energy, Oil & Gas companies


Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

In the UK there are around 100,000 growth start-ups founded each year and the UK’s consulting market has continually exceeded economic growth over the last few years and now has an estimated worth of­­ £10 billion.

How we help Entrepreneurs & Start-ups



Whether your business is commercial or investment banking, foreign exchange services, private equity or accountancy, we understand your requirements and exceed your expectations.

How we help Financial companies


Information Technology

With clients and suppliers in North America, China, Australia and Europe, Blue Cube have access to competitive fares and value-adding benefits. (not sure this reflects the industry). The UK out paces other European countries in terms of tech start-up funding, the digital tech sector is worth nearly £184 billion to UK economy and we have been working with our clients in this sector for over 5 years.

How we help Technology companies



Brokerages, risk management consultancies and underwriters require an effective and actionable business travel policy to keep company costs under control.

How we help Insurance companies



Business travel within legal services takes on a different process to other industries. As a legal partner or associate, you often re-bill business travel costs to clients.

How we help Legal companies


Luxury & Retail

Corporate travel plays a huge part in any retail or luxury fashion company.

How we help Luxury & Retail companies


Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Business travel spending in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is one of the biggest areas of indirect spend and requires strict control because of the tight budgets within R&D investment.

How we help Pharmaceutical & Healthcare companies


Sports & Entertainment

Blue Cube has been working with clients in the sports and entertainment industry for almost 10 years and has a wealth of experience in the logistics required to transport a team seamlessly from one event to another.

How we help Sports & Entertainment companies