Energy – Oil & Gas

Corporate travel in the energy sector has never been more important. Business travel logistics in energy, oil and gas countries differ in political and social landscapes.

Travelling to unusual destinations typically out of the range of hotel chains and major airports can add stress and uncertainty to your trip. Blue Cube’s global systems allow us to find safe and secure arrangements that ensure you’re confident about your business travel.

Working with a diverse background of consultants, engineers and crew means managing travel itineraries can become complex.

When visiting a country whose culture you’re unfamiliar with, you don’t want conversations or behaviours to be miscommunicated. We’ll ensure you’re prepared for your trip by giving you access to technology that assists with language and cultural challenges. As the energy industry is constantly evolving, your staff need to be flexible and on-hand to travel at any given notice. Managing rotating workforce's can become complex if not accurately planned. Blue Cube’s network of suppliers ensures you can travel where and when you need to; safely, on-time and within budget. In such a fast-paced industry, your clients often make changes and cancellations to business travel. Keeping track of comings and goings can add a huge strain to your workload and demands around the clock management. Our technology enables you to control your travel by tracking real-time disruptions, access to the best fares and itinerary planning.