Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Business travel spending in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is under control due to tight investment budgets.

Business travel costs are one of the biggest areas of indirect spend and come under frequent scrutiny by finance departments. Using the data collected from your business travel, Blue Cube Travel ensure you get the greatest value from your travel program. We make recommendations regarding preferred airlines and negotiate special rates with accommodation providers.

Whether you’re sending a chemist to a production factory in China, analysts to conferences in Europe or executives to meetings in North America, Blue Cube provide you with the most efficient route and competitive fares.

For VIP and Senior Executive Travellers, we make sure your perks and benefits are available for a comfortable trip. Sending teams of scientists to research facilities or marketers to conferences requires efficient management and control. Not knowing how to manage group travel efficiently can lead to mistakes and a lack of confidence while travelling. Our online and mobile applications enable you to track itineraries, real-time disruptions and manage payment tools to keep control of your travel. Having to adhere to requirements under section 22 of the ABPI Code of Practice can restrict your processes. As you must comply with complex policy and rules, organizing business travel can become a burden. Our account team with knowledge of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry understand your policies and arrange travel, transport and accommodation that works for you.