Sports & Entertainment

It takes end-to-end planning and seamless logistics to transport your team and crew from one location to another.

When travelling to a game, that extra touch and VIP service is essential so you can arrive fresh and ready to perform at the highest level. No matter your requirement, whether it’s 25 hotel rooms, 15 Business Class seats or a luxury coach, Blue Cube Travel deliver the best service, products and prices.

From producers travelling to a client pitch, a film crew travelling to an international set or flying out VIPs to press events, we’ll look after your travel nuances.

Many airlines offer special fares and cargo rates to the entertainment industry. Your dedicated consultant will compare these to other fares available, including NDC specials and our exclusive rates, to ensure costs are kept to a minimum. Organizing travel for dozens of team or crew members with multiple-stop itineraries can demand a full-time member of staff. Working with Blue Cube Travel, you can control your travel arrangements and itineraries with ease. Receiving real-time notifications, access to location guides and pre-booked ground-transport ensures you know exactly when are where your team needs to be. Changes to the weather, location availability and equipment issues can lead to last-minute travel that requires access to 24-hour booking facilities. Without knowledge of competitive fares and available transport, you risk large bills and ineffective travel times. Based on your preferences, Blue Cube will find you times, fares and extras that create a comfortable and productive journey.