Account Management

Regular communication is key to understanding ever-evolving travel requirements

Our account managers are multi-skilled individuals who oversee not only our client relations but also our supplier relations, connecting two integral parts of the business, clients and suppliers. Our mantra is that we should be indispensable to you if you need something bespoke, our account managers are equipped with the knowledge to deliver.

Your account manager looks after everything outside of the booking process, their knowledge includes but is not limited to:

Our hotel programme offers negotiated rates at over 30,000 three to five star, luxury and boutique hotels. From major chains like Hilton, IHG and Accor to boutique and independently-owned properties, hotels in our programme will meet the needs of every traveller, organisation and budget. Our account managers work with you to review previous hotel use and project for the year ahead. We use our reports and client feedback questionnaires to put together a programme that is varied enough to suit every type of traveller but contained enough to offer best value and traveller well-being.

Our account managers can introduce you to our dedicated team, Michelle specialises in domestic groups and Imran in International. These guys take care of the bookings and our account managers can offer on-site training and our EA Training course is a hit with our clients. We can also assist with larger enquiries and can help you with registration, production, budgeting and reporting.

We are committed to making sure we are producing the right reports and presenting them to the right people. Our data analyst’s support the team by providing them with bespoke, detailed, drill down reports across your business effectively helping you to support policy mandating and control. Data used effectively can help drive better decisions and savings

Travellers have access to so many choices now, it’s important to give them this, but within a controlled environment.  Our account managers have developed educational and entertaining strategies for working with bookers, travellers, management and procurement to ensure your policy is both adopted and understood, whilst offering best value and service.

They will also be able to continually advise on your policy to ensure it remains relevant in an ever changing landscape.

Effective communication skills to engage stakeholders across the business, ensuring the best suitable technologies are recommended and implemented.

The world of business travel is complicated and there is an expectation on travellers and bookers to make quick decisions without always being aware of the consequences. Technology had made it possible for our clients to book their own travel, so our job is less about making the booking and more about teaching the person making the booking. Our online clients receive a complimentary 8 stage course for travel bookers, delivered by the account management and online team and tailored to their chosen technology, travel policy and company culture.

A small section of the reports available includes:
  • Pre-trip reports
  • Cost savings analysis
  • Supplier spend
  • City pair reporting
  • Individual traveller analysis
  • Travel policy adherence
  • Co2 breakdown

You will always meet your account manager early on in the sales process, as we feel it’s important to develop a bond early on. Your account management plan is agreed during the implementation process. We will arrange a schedule to suit your availability, as we want to ensure we are always available to address your requirements. So whether communication be in person, via video conference, phone or just an email. We will make sure you are always connected to us in a way that works for you. You can be assured that your meetings are structured and only relevant to your implementation and on-going care.

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