Finance & Administration

A client focused finance and administration team

A client-focused finance and administration team that works in a flexible and ultra-adaptable way, to best service our client portfolio. The team are contactable directly rather than through your account manager. This allows for immediate attention and results, as well as the opportunity to build a proactive relationship with our finance and administration department. Resulting in immediate responses to any finance-related queries.

The team are contactable directly rather than through your account manager.

The team will provide bespoke invoicing and statement provision to best suit your internal processes. Invoices and statement can be provided in various formats.

A truly dynamic team that has adapted itself to the myriad of different back office procedures demanded by our current client portfolio. They fully understand the necessity for attention to detail is paramount. Our back office system is extremely flexible and is adapted and programmed to meet every individual client need. From the outset, the system is set up to collect all the necessary profiling detail (i.e. cost centres, purchase orders, project codes, approvers, trip purpose etc) required by our clients.

  • Consolidated summary invoicing
  • Invoices and statements provided in up-loadable/digital format
  • Invoices and statements provided in PDF or Excel format (or both)
  • All invoice and statement options are available with a multi recipient option
  • All major credit cards accepted – no merchant fees
  • Lodge card setup and reconciliation facility
  • Credit account facilities
  • Hotel bill back facility
  • Car hire/chauffeur & taxi billback facilities

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