We understand the booking systems and can navigate around them

We understand that Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Travellers themselves often have a lot of experience of booking travel and our corporate booking tool bcOnline makes the booking process very simple. But complex ticket rules, company travel policies and flexible itineraries to difficult destinations can make business travel a stressful place - a world away from booking a personal holiday.
The importance of data

You need help to ensure all this data is captured, key insights are continuously measured and reviewed, and opportunities to save money are identified.

The average person takes two days to book a holiday typically over an average of two weeks. Of course, in business travel, you don’t have this amount of time and the pressure to adhere to policy and minimise cost can often present a very different set of challenges. You may also be at risk of an unhappy phone call from a stranded colleague without the means to book alternative arrangements.
We pull back the curtain on how the travel industry works and give Bookers and Travellers an insight into some of the best practice, as well as a few tricks of the trade, that can help smooth the way through the booking process, keep travellers happy and get the best value for your travel programme.


In order to tailor the course to your company requirements we will require a minimum 2 week booking window and access to your travel data. An NDA is put in place between us as well as a contract defining our services.

Course modules
Air Travel – Part 1

An introduction to the Air travel providers – the differences between ‘Low-Cost’ and Scheduled, Long-haul and Short-haul and how to book within Travel Policy.

Air Travel – Part 2

A deeper look at Air Travel – your preferred carriers and how to compare airlines: the difference between cabin classes, service offerings and their loyalty schemes.

Hotel Booking Basics

An overview of hotel services – major chains, independents and what they include in their room types, rates and loyalty schemes, especially within your own Hotel Programme and Policy.

Apartments and Other Dwellings

Hotel, Apartment or Private Home booking – what is best for a long or short stay. Is Air BnB a good option for your travellers and what to be aware of to keep within policy?

UK Rail – the myths revealed!

An explanation of ticket types – open tickets, off-peaks and the myriad of other options. How do refunds and compensation work and where does it all fit into your Travel Policy?

An introduction to International Rail

When and how to book Eurostar and other International Rail – the main players, pros and cons for the Traveller and how it all fits into your travel programme and policy.

Planning the Extra Bits

All of the additional extras that ensure a smooth trip – how to book taxis, private cars, airport parking and other ground transport. Plus Visas, Passports, medical and security advice.

How to Plan a Travel Itinerary and ACE it!

Trip Planning – travel times to key company locations and the benefits of extending a trip. How to clear customs, manage luggage and return home safely – an introduction to Traveller...

How to Arrange a Small Meeting

Review of Meeting Room setups and nearby venues – what is included in Delegate Rates and how to book? Plus taking care of attendees and the importance of communication.

How to Arrange a Large Meeting

Reviewing venues and room setups for larger events. How to manage registration and delegate travel, plus considerations around AV, Production and Content requirements.


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