Hugo Jarvis

Client and Supplier Manager

Hugo Jarvis, affectionately known as “Hugs” is a well-loved character by staff and clients. If he’s not in central London trying out new, quirky and overpriced restaurants you will find him in the pub with a beer in each hand watching his beloved Ipswich Town F.C. deteriorate season by season. Hugs is not only Blue Cube’s Rising Star but The People Awards Rising Star 2019.

  • LocationKew
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Name three guests (dead or alive) that you would invite to a dinner party and why?

Bobby Robson, I am a massive Ipswich fan and he oversaw our rise from the second division to arguably the best team in the country; Steve Coogan, I love his dry, close to the bone sense of humour; Alan Turing, to thank him for his work and to show him how far this country has come

How long have you been in the travel industry for?

Two years

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would do?

Buy a house in Notting Hill

If you were stuck on a desert island name the one item you would take with you?

Unlimited supply of gin and tonic

Is a jaffa cake a cake or a biscuit?

No cake should be that small, it’s a biscuit

Mountain or beach?


If you weren’t working in travel, what would you like to be doing?

I’d love to be a football scout…imagine getting paid to watch football!

What are your pet hates?

When people pronounce the letter ‘H’ as ‘haitch’

If you had three wishes what would you wish for?

World peace, win the Euromillions, Ipswich to win the Premier League…although I feel the other two may be more realistic!

What is your favourite meal?

Veni-moo burger from Mac and Wild

Window, middle or aisle seat?


What is your favourite place to travel to and why?

South Africa, it has everything. Mountains, beaches, wildlife

What TV series have you recently watched and what would you rate it out of 10?

US Office, 9/10