Nick Pratt

Head of Sales

Nick’s our ultra-experienced Sales guy. He always goes the extra mile to truly understand the needs of our prospective clients’ and then tailor solutions that fit the bill. In true Blue Cube style, integrity and openness governs everything he does.

Name three guests (dead or alive) that you would invite to a dinner party and why?

Caravaggio, Kazuo Ishiguro & Morrissey (as they’re my favourite artist, writer & singer and I think they’d have plenty to say)

How long have you been in the travel industry for?

Since I was 17.

What are your pet hates?


What TV series have you recently watched and what would you rate it out of 10?

Motherland 10/10

If you had three wishes what would you wish for?

Health, wealth and 100 more wishes

What is your favourite meal?

Whole turbot, grilled.

Window, middle or aisle-seat?

Window. Does anyone prefer a middle seat?!

Mountain or beach?


Is a Jaffa cake a cake or a biscuit?


If you were stuck on a desert island name the one item you would take with you?

A razor (to keep clean shaven and if it all became too much)!

Do you have a party trick? If so what is it?

I can do a passable Brummie accent.

If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would do?

Buy a string of racehorses.

If you weren’t working in travel, what would you like to be doing?

Lord knows.

What is your favourite place to travel to and why?

Italy takes a lot of beating. Scenery, architecture, culture, food, wine. Too many scooters though.