At Blue Cube Travel, we believe that anyone is capable of booking business travel. Our main aim is providing you with the best tools to make this happen smoothly and give you the autonomy of booking all business travel services through the best possible technology and content available.

Dynamic business travel technology solutions available to all clients.

Our online booking tools are designed to make your life easy and provide you with instant booking capabilities, subject to approvals and policies, providing you with more time on the pressing tasks in your diary.

You can book and manage your travel using our online technology and booking tools such as bcOnline, bcRail, and Tripcase – all part of our commitment to bring the latest technological advances in the corporate travel industry to our customers.

Learn how our advanced technology can benefit your companies’ business travel requirements.

The personal alternative to technology

We also know the importance of a personal touch. Whilst our technology is accessible 24/7 and globally, so are we. Our aftercare is our value proposition, from the expert team who configure, implement and support the tools to the way your travellers are looked after once the trip is booked. This is why the online booking tools complement our great offline service. The technology enables fast, convenient travel bookings, but in reality, the service provided by our team is what makes it tick.

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