Now you have completed The Travel Buyer Playbook you are now ready to think about creating your new-look travel programme.

The next steps you take are critical in building or re-defining travel management as a safe, productive and sustainable travel programme…

  • Who should you engage with and who has the vision and resources to support you?
  • How will the programme change and who will you trust to help you manage it?
  • What are your organisation’s commercial goals and how will you align those with your stakeholders needs and concerns?

Our video shows the scope of who needs to be involved and what aspects to explore as part of the process, watch here:

You can count on Blue Cube to be with you every step of the way; guiding you and key stakeholders in your organisation and helping you to restore trust whilst transforming your travel programme so it is ready for the post-pandemic new reality.

To start though, you must answer the most fundamental of questions; Why does any employee need to travel on behalf of your business?

We can help you get answers to that question and explain how to convert further insights into an approach that will help you achieve safer, more productive and sustainable business travel.

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