Join our Live Webinar

Join us at 10:00 on Thursday, 14 January 2021 to hear from our founders and team. This is your chance to hear from the Blue Cube Team and Blue Cube Associates and ask questions like…

What if I become an Independent Consultant?

Will I make enough money?

How will I get clients?

Is now a good time to do this? 

Did you know that Blue Cube founders Mel Phaure and Kenny Stirling were once consultants? On the webinar you will hear them tell how they followed a similar path 17-years ago. Clients and travellers trusted their blend of travel expertise and exceptional customer service – exactly the sorts of skills you have – and Blue Cube is now recognised as the Best TMC (under £50M) 2020.

We have built up a company with an enviable reputation (and award winning) for customer service.  One of the reasons for this is that we’ve never forgotten to put the customer first.  In fact we’ve built our business around just that.  Hear how we can help you do the same from Blue Cube Associates directors’ Tracey Wilson, Kevin Trill, Bex Deadman and Independent Consultant Guy Snelgar.


Listen to our Directors answer some of the most Frequently asked questions we are hearing in this current climate and get some insight into the topics we’ll be covering in the Webinar.