Your career

When you work for a company you love and one that loves you, it feels great. You wake up each morning looking forward to your day. When the people you work with hold common values, only good things can happen, and as they say “The sky is the limit”.

It’s more than work, it’s a lifestyle

“We’re very lenient, we understand people have a life outside of work, so we like to try to work with them. It’s a very uncomplicated setup and I think once people have been here for a few months, they realise that there’s a lot of give and take and I’d like to think that appeals to people.”

Mel Phaure – Director

What’s in it for me?

It’s your career path, not ours

We are focused on investing in our people as individuals. Finding the right fit for you and giving you options to follow what you genuinely enjoy are a huge part of our internal values.

Follow in the footsteps of our travellers

We take our unrivalled industry knowledge extremely seriously – it’s what makes our service exceptional. We will give you all the relevant business travel experience that you need to use your incredible knowledge as power!

Be proud of your workplace

We’ve created an environment for you to thrive. Not only do our new, prestigious offices in London give you boasting rights – you’ll also join an open, genuine culture that is as collaborative as it is challenging.

The personable attitude that the company takes towards its employees and everything they do is testament to the way they work. It’s a great environment to be in. We’ve got a lovely office here and it’s really enjoyable working with them all.

Andrew King – IT Service & Delivery Manager

Work that feels… great!

When we work for a company we love, it doesn’t feel like work it feels… great, you wake up looking forward to your day. When the people you work with hold common goals and values great things can happen. This was the environment the founders of Blue Cube were born from.

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